Since I’m spending the summer in Mexico City visiting my wife’s family, I’ve had the occasion to eat at some good local restaurants, taquerías mostly. Today I wanted something a little bit more special, so I took the family out to a bit of a fancy place in Coyoacán, called el Corazón del Maguey.

El Corazón de Maguey

El Corazón de Maguey

We ate really well there, and the service was excellent. Ever since I went to Lisbon in February I love octopus, and when the waiter told me that they had octopus cooked with Mexican coffee and cocoa, I was sold, nevermind what else was on the menu. It was absolutely delicious!

Pulpo con Café y Cacao

Pulpo con Café y Cacao

I had read that this restaurant had hand-crafted Mezcal, so I asked for the drinks menu. After looking at it for a bit, the waiter came over and said “Here, try these two, they go well with the octopus”. And he was right. What a great salesman, because it didn’t take much to convince me to have a nice copa de mezcal, and, well, 1 turned into 3. The waiter really knew his Mezcal. He explained all about the different varieties and how they make them. I was very surprised by this: it turns out that one kind of mezcal is made by distilling it with fruits, and even more surprisingly, with raw chicken, turkey or pheasant breast! And thus, it is called Mezcal de Pechuga!

And now, back home after a nice walk around Coyoacán, getting soaked by rain again and escaping the rain by ducking into a nice ice cream and popsicle shop (I had Tequila ice cream, naturally), we finally made it back home. Dry, fed and tired,  I am now having some Mezcal de Pechuga that my mother-in-law had kept unopened for who knows how many years. And all is right in the world.

Mezcal de Pechuga

Mezcal de Pechuga

My only regret after this very pleasant day: that I didn’t bring my Jetpack team to this restaurant when they came to town last week. One of the perks of working for Automattic is that the different teams meet up, somewhere around the world, several times a year to work on projects and to get to know one another better*. I invited them to Mexico City since I was here already, and we had a great time (a post about the meetup is in the works), but I didn’t know about this restaurant then, and unfortunately, took them to the Sanborns right next door. I know, I know, Sanborns?! Right? What was I thinking?! 

In any case, today was a very good day, and I am going to bed content.

*As a distributed company, Automattic employees work everywhere around the world (my team-members live in Budapest, Uruguay, Maine, Seattle, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, North Carolina and New Mexico!). Because of this, face-to-face time is important. 

Recap of WordCamp Montreal Recap posts


After my own Recap post, I figured it’d be fun to link to any other posts that folks have written about WordCamp Montreal. Go visit them and give their sites some love!

(thanks to my friend @zoonini for the image)

WordCamp Montreal 2013 Recap

This past weekend, I participated in my 4th WordCamp Montreal (the 5th Montreal WordCamp ever), and the first one that I helped organize. I had a really great time, and by the end of the weekend, I felt as though it was the best WordCamp I’d been to. And in truth, it really does get better every year. Here’s why this year’s was the best yet:

    • More submissions than ever before. We had over 70 speaker submissions this year, so we were able to pick the best possible talks, from out-of-towners and even more importantly, from the local Montreal WordPress community.
    • Because of the large number of submissions, we were able to expand to include a 3rd track of talks, so attendees always had plenty of interesting talks to choose from.
    • We sold 400 tickets this year, more than last year, and actually sold out! This meant that our WordCamp was just filled to the brim with WordPress enthusiasts, including some people who were just beginning to learn about it and who were eager to expand their knowledge.
    • Our veteran organizers (@cafenoirdesign, @twigpress and @jeremyclarke) brought their valuable experience and made sure that every little detail was taken care of, and taught me and my fellow rookie organizer, @kwightca, everything there is to know. We owe a lot to their leadership!
    • Our fabulous volunteer coordinator, @molecularcode, did such a fantastic job wrangling all the volunteers for her second year in the job.
    • We had more volunteers sign up than ever before, so we had tons of friendly people manning the registration desk, helping the speakers with their every need, and guiding people around.
    • The Happiness Bar (where people can ask for WordPress-related help from experienced people, and for free!) was more than fully-staffed the whole weekend, and saw lots of traffic!
    • There were lots of my colleagues from Automattic in town for a team meet-up, and they all either volunteered for the Happiness Bar or were speakers, sharing their expertise with anyone who needed it.
    • The co-founder of WordPress and founder of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt) gave a great Town Hall in which he answered audience members’ questions, and told some pretty funny stories (Penguin wars!).
    • We had 2 panel discussions, on multilingual options for WordPress sites, and on how to make money with WordPress. These panels were a great success, and I hope that we’ll have some great submissions for further panels for next year.

All in all, it really was a great WordCamp Montreal this year. If you weren’t able to make it, then you can view many of our speakers’ slides on our site, and eventually we hope to have most of the speakers’ talks available on If you want to keep in touch with the Montreal WordPress community, sign up for our mailing list. We have monthly developer meetups or social events, and we also want to have start having meetups that are more focused on content creators. We’ll keep you informed of all our activities through the mailing list and through or Facebook group. Hope to see you there!