Tiles and Circles and Squares, Oh My!

My first post on the Jetpack.me blog. It was fun to write this up!


Jetpack has lots of different modules that do all sorts of fun and interesting things to supercharge your self-hosted WordPress site. Not everyone uses all of these modules, though — with so much good stuff, it’s easy to miss something. To help you discover all the great things you could be doing with Jetpack, we’ll be highlighting the most-overlooked modules and the modules we get asked the most about. First up: Tiled Galleries!

Are you tired of plain old thumbnail galleries? Are row after row of tiny squares getting you down? Do you spend tons of time using photo editing software to create more interesting layouts for your images? Well have no fear, Tiled Galleries are here! Jetpack lets you display images in a variety of bold, elegant layouts with just a few clicks.

To insert a gallery into a post or page, the first thing you need, of…

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Last week, as part of my work with WordPress.com as a Happiness Engineer, I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico. There, with the rest of the Happiness Team, we participated in knowledge-sharing workshops to help us all become even better Happiness Engineers. Of course, seeing as we were 35 friends (new and old) thrown together for a week, we also had a lot of fun! Wine, food, hikes, sightseeing, more food: those were the themes of the week. Here are some pictures from this fantastic week!