Transit maps for Giacomo

Last week, I got this message through my Mexico Metro site:

I am trying to obtain a map brochure of the train system for my autistic nephew’s birthday. He is very interested in public transportation, especially subways, and as a gift, I am collecting brochures of various transportation maps from around the world. If you could please mail a subway map brochure, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I’m going to look through my pile of papers and maps this weekend to see what I can find for her nephew, but I also sent her to the best person I know to get a wider audience for request: the Transit Maps blog. As I’d hoped, the great owner of that site, Cameron, came through:

He’s already gotten pledges for 17 different maps. Turns out that the nephew mentioned in the original message sent to me is a young boy named Giacomo who’s going to turn 9 soon. Let’s send him some maps! Go check out Cameron’s post to learn how you can contribute to making this little boy’s birthday a memorable one!