Transit maps for Giacomo

Last week, I got this message through my Mexico Metro site: I am trying to obtain a map brochure of the train system for my autistic nephew’s birthday. He is very interested in public transportation, especially subways, and as a gift, I am collecting brochures of various transportation maps from around the world. If you… Continue reading Transit maps for Giacomo

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Water Main Woes

A couple of weeks ago, on August 13th, a major water main broke in my neighbourhood, Saint-Henri, a few blocks from where I live. We first noticed that the water pressure was low at around 11 in the morning, and when I changed the cats’ water, I noticed that the water was coming out a… Continue reading Water Main Woes

Opening Ceremonies

A version of this article appeared on my colleague’s site I am a really big fan of the Olympic Games, and my favourite part of them is the Opening Ceremonies. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll be stuck to the TV / Live Streams / Social Media until the Olympic cauldron is extinguished! But I really… Continue reading Opening Ceremonies


Now I can truly be known as the Chief Poolparty Officer