I’m going to WordCamp Buenos Aires!

I’m really excited about this: I was selected to speak at WordCamp Buenos Aires this coming weekend, so I’m going taking an overnight flight on Wednesday and will get there Thursday, giving me a couple of days before WordCamp to explore the city.

As I usually do, I’ve read a bunch of guide books, and of course, I’m ready and excited to take the Subte.

I’m looking forward to the wine, and exploring neighbourhoods likes Palermo and Puerto Madero. I’m definitely going to stop by the beautiful Ateneo bookshop; what are other must-see places that I should visit?

5 thoughts on “I’m going to WordCamp Buenos Aires!

  1. Empanadas or the best pizza in Buenos Aires chez GĂĽerrin, two blocks west from el obelisco in Corrientes street.

    I am not sure you will like Palermo, during the day is full of design shops that you don’t care about 🙂 better at night for having a drink.

    El cementerio de recoleta is really nice.

    You should start listening to Gardel(Uruguayan) and don’t forget to drink coca con fernet and to eat bife de chorizo.

    I would skip puerto madero if you don’t have enough time.


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