New year, new resolution

I have not been one to make new year’s resolutions in the past. However, this year is shaping up to be a good one for me, and so it feels right to make at least one resolution for the coming year. I have a site dedicated to the Mexico City Metro System that I have left almost completely devoid of content. There are 195 stations in the metro system, yet my site has information on only 1 or two of them (I’ve spent way too much time tinkering with the site rather than working on the content). So my resolution for 2013 is to add content for at least 2 stations per week. Should be easy enough to do; we’ll check in here in a couple of months to see if I actually followed through.

3 thoughts on “New year, new resolution

    1. Hi Samuel! As always, that project is on hold “until I have time”; one day, one day I’ll get to it! 🙂

      Actually, I’m going to Mexico City this summer, so I’l take lots of pictures and hopefully that will feed into my site.


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